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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Latest

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Things are going good and I have been able to get out in service more. It is amazing to me that when you ask people here what God's Kingdom is they already know it is a government and Jesus is it's King. OK here are some experiences in the ministry. I got this kid in his upper teens and showed him The Truth tract. We looked at the first 2 questions and he gave me his answers. Then I asked him to look at the next question "What happens to you when you die?" He again answered me telling me that there is a heaven and that we go there. I told him that he was exactly right that was what the Bible said but that the Bible also said something else. I took him to Matt. Chapter 5 and read to him vs. 3, then I read vs. 5 and pointed out the two hopes. Then I read the scriptures at PS. 37 and said again that some will go to heaven but some with live forever on the earth and he added "but in peace as it says." Needless to say I gave him a Bible Teach book and set up for a study next Friday. Then we all wanted a drink so we ran over to the "mall" and grabbed something to drink. The lady at the stand spoke perfect English so Blake placed a magazine with her and told her he really wanted to share a scripture with her but he didn't have his Bible. Well, she grabs a napkin and pen and asks what it is, that she would look it up when she got home. She is there all the time so I am hoping to get her in service early this week. OK, one more. A brother and his wife that are here visiting had set up to study with this lady and her husband on Sunday afternoon but have not had their first study yet and they turned it over to Mike and me because it is near our house. So, Mike and I go by and the husband looks a little confused as we try to explain why we are there, so we started talking about God's Kingdom. He then asked us if we wanted to come in that he had some time right then so we did. He then sits down with us with his Bible and a datebook and as we start the study in the Bible Teach book he takes notes in his date book!! He also marks his Bible with every scripture we look up. So we will let you know how that goes. So as of right now I have (I think) 2 studies with adult ladies, 1 study with Mike, 1 study with a teenage boy to give to Blake or Mike, 1 study with a 15 year old girl, and 2 other good calls that could be studies with very little effort. Not bad for 2 weeks in service.

This picture is of a Travelers Palm. It always fans North to South.

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