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Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm not sure but this may have been the first day I have ever been out in service on Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful day. A sister and I started with a study of hers at 8:00 but the study was not at home, however, her brother lives next door and we got to talk to him and place magazines. Then we went off to the grociery store to do some witnessing. On the way there the sister mentioned a security guard that worked there that has a daughter that is studying and she felt he really would love a study in Spanish and she was hoping to see him. Well as it turns out we did see him and he was the same guard that had stopped and talked to me there about 2 days ago!! We had a nice (and confusing due to the language barrier) conversation. Gave him the Bible Teach book in Spanish and set up for the Missionary Brother to study with him at his lunch breaks. Then off to the field service group. We met up with Blake and 4 other brothers, yes I said brothers. We worked a very nice expensive territory. We were invited back to visit 3 people. The parents were at home but did not speek English but told us their children did and to come back so we will do that on Saturday and see how that goes. Here are some beautiful pics of some plants I saw. OH Yeah, Blake made us a late lunch early dinner. Bacon and eggs his specialty. It was actually VERY good.

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