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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have so much to say and very little time to say it. We have made it here safe and sound. I guess that is the most important thing to tell you all. Our drive to Florida was very nice and thankfully uneventful. As we pulled out of Frankfort it was very surreal for us all. It was as if we were riding off into the sunset and ahead to the future.

Florida was nice. We got to visit Anna Nicholson in Orlando, oh way, and Hoby. We went to Universal and the first day I lost my cell phone on the 'Hulk'. A very cool or should I say cruel roller coaster. Then on the day before we left for Miami Mike's phone died on us.

Anyway, we had some major craziness with getting the papers for Dakota back from the Panama Embassy. In fact on the Monday morning, the day before we left, I was on the phone with them trying to figure out how we could get the papers for our flight on Tuesday at 9:50am. Well we were able to pay a mere fortune and got the papers sent to the airport and they were there waiting for us. So I was able to take a big sigh of relief 'thinking' everything was now going to be easy sailing. The next day proved to be trying. When we got to the airport we got sent to this counter and then over to that counter and then finally sent to the correct counter (one especially for passengers with pets). By the time we got to that counter the lady said we were too late and were not going to make our flight, but somehow she worked fast and was able to check us through then she personally walked us through security and we made it to the gate with about 10 minutes to spare. Then we were off for Panama!!!! The plan was crammed packed and we had nowhere to put out feet with Dakota lying on the floor. Thank goodness it was only a 3 hour flight. (Sorry Donna, at this point taking a picture was the last thing on my mind)

I WARNED YOU I HAD A LOT TO SAY!!! Time has run out. I have to clean some more and get some rest. I have service in morning. I love you all.

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